About Us

Originally known as Urban Bulk Emporium, the store was started in 2015. The original owner, Aziza, was inspired by her father and grandfather to become the third generation in her family to run a bulk food business. With the dream of creating a space in Leslieville where people could shop for organic, healthy foods in bulk and at a fair cost, she opened what became a neighbourhood staple and well-loved local business.

Fast forward four years, when new owner Karen and her husband Scott took over, the store was relaunched as Urban Bulk & Refill. In addition to carrying bulk foods, the store is now also dedicated to providing a wide selection of refills for soaps, household cleaners and personal care products.

Karen and Scott are both born and raised in Toronto, and are proud to call the city home. However, their passion for eco-friendly refills and bulk was sparked while living in Vancouver, BC by a local zero-waste refill shop in their neighbourhood at the time. Inspired by the strong sense of community and dedication to a more sustainable lifestyle, they wanted to bring a little piece of it back home.