Changes in the store in response to COVID-19

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve made a number of changes in the store to better protect our staff and our community.

– Reduced OPEN hours
– Increased cleaning; single-use scoops for bulk items
– No longer accepting ‘Bring Your Own Containers’ for dry food refills – paper/plastic bags only
– CASHLESS – only accepting debit & credit cards
– Limiting the number of customers in the store at a time
– Customers can still bring their own shopping bags to check out with, but we ask you pack your own bags.


CLEANING: We have ramped up cleaning and sanitizing around the store, and are constantly wiping down all common touch points (door knobs, door pulls, bin lids, jars, pumps, cash desk, etc.).

PAUSE ON REFILLING: We are no longer allowing you to refill your own containers for dry food products. For the time being, we are currently allowing you to refill your own containers for soap and cleaning products only, as well as oils and vinegars. For dry food products we have a variety of paper and plastic bags for you to use.

CLEANING SCOOPS BETWEEN USES: We are currently implementing a single-use spoon/scoop system. We have bins of clean spoons/scoops placed around the the store, with bins for dirty scoops sitting below them. Please use a clean scoop for each separate food item, and deposit each scoop into the dirty bin once used.

LIMITING CUSTOMERS IN-STORE: We are limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at a time as well, and will reduce numbers as needed to ensure customers have enough space to safely move around as well as allow our staff to move about safely. We are allowing four (4) customers in the store at a time to allow for distancing. Please only have only one member of the family do the shopping, limit your time in the store and avoid browsing, take advantage of our hand sanitizer at the front desk, and please avoid visiting us if you are showing any symptoms or have travelled recently.

CASHLESS – DEBIT/CREDIT ONLY: For the time being, we will not be accepting cash payments. Credit, debit, giftcards and mobile payments only.


Out of respect for our staff’s concerns, we have adjusted our open hours to allow for most of our staff to work in the store after hours, cleaning and restocking. This means we have fewer staff who will be working at the checkout counter and will therefore have the following open hours:

TUESDAY – FRIDAY: 11:30-6 **

**These open hours are subject to change due to changes in staff availability. Please refer to our homepage for the most up to date open hours.

We thank you for your continued support!